The Challenge

A national non-profit with fundraising events around the country encountered a number of unresolved business needs within their print and promotional program. Several of the issues they were dealing with seemed unsolvable. These issues included:
    • Long print production turnaround times that limited their ability to gather more event sponsors. Reducing turnaround time was mission critical for this organization.
    • The current process was complicated and required large time commitments from key staff members, which kept them from focusing on more important initiatives.
    • Limited flexibility in creating custom event materials kept local chapters from being able to tailor their print materials to their local community.
    • Poor sponsorship logo quality on the finished products was having a negative impact on the ability of local chapters to secure repeat event sponsorships for local events.

Reduced Turnaround, Cost Savings and Custom Solutions
Position National Non-Profit for Success

Our Solution

The Dexter team began by taking the program through a rigorous evaluation process; closely examining the client’s needs, product specifications, and flow of content and information from the field staff to finished product usage. A custom production and service plan was developed in the quick time frame required by the client addressing each of their service, production, distribution, technology and training needs.

A custom online solution was developed and implemented that put the power of brand management back in the hands of the corporate marketing team, while giving field locations the ability to easily customize text and logos on print collateral as necessary. This new process took collateral development by the client’s staff from a cumbersome manual process of multiple faxes and phone calls requiring weeks to prepare products for printing, to a real-time process controlled by the user to the extent that a user can design, review, proof and approve online 24/7/365.

To resolve the issue of poor quality sponsor logos, a system was developed allowing field offices to submit logos for “clean up” before using them in printed collateral. Every logo was then “cleaned” – made print ready – within 24 hours of submission. Only “cleaned” logos are now used on printed collateral.

After evaluating the client’s existing processes we developed a custom production plan to meet their short timeframe. A custom online solution was built to enable the client’s corporate marketing team to manage their brand standards and event locations had the ability to customize their products. The online platform makes collateral proofing accessible 24/7. To improve the printed quality of sponsor logos, a pre-order “clean up” process was introduced. Event organizers can submit a logo to be prepared for print and will be available within 24 hours.

A Better Client Outcome

Thanks to Dexter Solutions’ custom production plan all of the client’s objectives were met. The efficiency of the program saves the client 15% annually on their print spend, reduced the time required to prepare collateral for production by 60%, and the logo control process only prints “clean” sponsor logos. The improvements to their print program were so vast that the client saw an increase in event participation and funding.

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