The Challenge

A growing franchise with more than 800 open locations and 500 more in development was dissatisfied with its existing print program. Providing excellent service to its franchisees was a top priority, and it was struggling to do so because it did not have the proper systems in place to support the rapid growth. It was specifically dissatisfied with:
  • Late Shipments: The number one complaint was that new product shipments were always late. The current system required a corporate associate to follow-up on each order placed, and the franchisees were never notified when orders shipped. The franchise became so inundated with calls from stores who were missing products that employees found themselves spending more time dealing with delivery issues than on daily business operations.
  • Inefficient Technology: The online ordering portal had a poor user interface that grouped products into categories that did not suit the company’s work flow. The search feature yielded irrelevant results, and product templates were difficult to edit and lacked standardization.
  • Menu Errors: Errors were prolific with each franchisee manually entering its own pricing structures and menu items. Unknowingly printing these mistakes became a frustrating norm for the growing franchise.
  • Lagging Product Updates: The existing provider was slow to update products, so outdated items remained in the portal and promotional items were often available only after the promotion had ended. The plethora of issues caused franchisees to shy away from the portal, which made brand management even more of a manual process.

A Custom Franchise Print Program
Drastically Reduces Time, Costs,
and Increases Menu Accuracy.

Our Solution

After a detailed program evaluation, we re-engineered the franchise’s print management program to meet 100% of its needs. Program changes included:
    • To alleviate the issues associated with missing or late deliveries, Dexter Solutions provides both the corporate and franchise locations with real-time tracking so all parties can verify the location of packages. A dedicated service team is also available to corporate and franchise stores to provide updates on deliveries. Stores can specify the shipping method to be used so its orders arrive when desired.
    • By re-engineering the franchise’s collection of printed items, product spec standards were put in place to ensure consistency across all locations and items.
    • Custom technology was developed to prevent errors in pricing. A live, direct connection now links the corporate database with Dexter. This link streamlines the ordering process for franchisees by making pricing updates easy and quick. Franchisees are offered the option to print products with either current or future pricing ensuring that only the most accurate pricing is used.
    • The search feature has been made useable by searching both the product titles and the product descriptions for keywords.

A Better Client Outcome

Our managed print program and custom menu technology solutions allowed the client to provide its desired level of service to its locations. Seasonal or promotional items are now made available for a specified date range, and at the end of this range automatically made dormant. The franchise can now guarantee franchisees three-day production timeframes for custom items. The program has successfully saved the client 10% annually on its print spend and greatly reduced the necessary involvement of the corporate office as well as reduced administrative time required by the franchisees.

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