The Challenge

An emerging hospitality brand with a wide portfolio of both centralized, and independently branded, properties came to Dexter Solutions for help with introducing a new menu program across their 400 locations. First, the client needed to align the cost, value, and needs of each property’s market segment with the brand’s established menu standards. Second, the physical menus needed to be sourced from a material that could withstand extensive use. And finally, the client needed to give each property the ability to modify their menu selection and pricing based on real-time market conditions.

Reduced Turnaround, Cost Savings and Custom Solutions
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Our Solution

We designed a custom electronic ordering platform that addressed the client’s needs with: Templates that deliver the required core design and content elements with options for approved property-level customization. Real-time proofing. Property-level graphics maintained for streamlined re-orders and edits. Cost objectives and material durability were met by integrating brand standards with approved property-level customization. Our online platform has enabled the brand to develop new service level agreements for shipping custom menus within 5 days. The automated order process also greatly improved inventory reporting and management. 400 locations now benefit from the program.

A Better Client Outcome

Thanks to Dexter Solutions’ custom production plan all of the client’s objectives were met. The efficiency of the program saves the client 15% annually on their print spend, reduced the time required to prepare collateral for production by 60%, and the logo control process only prints “clean” sponsor logos. The improvements to their print program were so vast that the client saw an increase in event participation and funding.

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