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More than just a brand storefront or catalog, Dexter Solutions offers a multi-faceted brand communication tool and integrated resource platform with its brand portal systems in addition to custom technology solutions that save time and money. Whether you seek to capitalize on collective buying power by utilizing customizable, approved brand templates across multiple locations or a simplified web-to-print-to-fulfillment brand ordering dashboard, the Dexter Solutions portals and customized technologies are tailored to meet your unique needs, unlocking solutions to a variety of your challenges.

It’s never been easier to support a successful brand program, drive program participation and corporate initiatives, track results and orders with customized reports, and encourage adherence to brand identity and standards than through the intuitive and easy-to-use portals customized by our innovative team.
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Over 100,000 active logins
Over 13,000 products available
More than 85 brands currently using portal technology
500,000 annual orders processed
99.4% fulfillment accuracy level over 10 years

Convenient automation tools make
brand-centric print management for multiple locations easy.

Streamlined User Experience & Functionality

Brand-on-Demand E-Store, including features such as Brand Asset Management, Instant Online Proofing & Orderings, Reporting, Corporate Integrations, Spending Controls, Quality Control, and Product Customization

Brand Portal Features:

  • Highly customizable
  • User-customized items
  • Auto-fill data fields
  • Multi-function templates
  • Pull variable content from database or APL
  • End-user friendly
  • Order entry
  • Order history
  • Inventory snapshots
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Real-time updates
  • On-site imprinting of partially finished goods

Advantages of Print-on-Demand | Brand-on-Demand Production

Realize time- and cost-savings with technology

    • By establishing products that match your brand standards, you could save as much as 7 hours each week.
    • Reduced ordering time, combined with solutions that maximize cost-savings, make the brand portals a cost-efficient asset for businesses and brands.
    • Brand portals enable multiple locations to customize orders, so products are brand-approved and location-specific, and users can schedule shipments.
    • The technology can automatically generate a range of customized reports, including budget and inventory, leaving your corporate office more time to focus on serving customers.

Streamline and enrich the user experience by applying added functionalities

    • Access via a single point of entry with pre-defined ‘User Types’ driving product and content settings
    • Experience site content in a variety of languages based on user preference or location
    • Add visibility to real-time item-level inventory as a component of item display
    • Store frequently referenced items in personal ‘Favorites’ for immediate access
    • Quickly add multiple items to the ‘Cart’ with a single click
    • Follow order lifecycle with real-time, customizable statuses, such as: new, processing, and shipped

Integrate your brand portal with your procurement platform

Using ‘Punchout’ technology, seamlessly transfer user sessions from internal solutions by securely passing ‘tokens’ to the brand, bypassing the username/password and automatically applying unique user settings without the annoyance of multiple logins.




Other procurement platforms

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