Ready to see your files come to life? So are we! Just a few more steps…


Before uploading, please consult the File Preparation PDF to see what types of files we accept and what types of files should be created in which programs.

For those using Adobe InDesign, download our preflight profile and consult our packaging guide on how to best package and send files to us.

For those using Quark, please send us a Print-Ready PDF with ⅛ inch bleeds. We will not be able to make changes or corrections to these files; they will be printed AS IS.

If you will be uploading a Press-Ready PDF, please create your PDF using our presets for Prepress PDF-Pages for individual pages or Prepress PDF-Spreads for pages that must be kept together in a spread.


If you are working on a new or existing project with a Dexter Solutions representative, you may upload files here via our FTP site. Please indicate the project or job name in the file name.