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Dec18th, 2018

Chinese New Year Reminder

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Our seasonal holidays are coming to a close, but for our overseas partners, holiday celebrations are only beginning. Every year our friends in China who work year round to produce amazing merchandise, take the month of February to celebrate the Chinese New Year. During this month long celebration, workers go home to visit their families and celebrate their long standing traditions. To allow for this, factories close from late January […]
Dec21st, 2016

Dexter Solutions Capitalizes on Environmental Opportunity at Memphis Facility

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Learn about another step we’ve taken toward economic vitality and sustainability in 2016.
Nov29th, 2016

How to Choose the Right Print Production Model

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A world class print production program begins with a well-designed production model. We make choosing the right model easy in this simple how-to guide.
Nov28th, 2016

Print-On-Demand vs. Conventional Models: The Expert’s Guide to Choosing the Right Print Production Program

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A world class print production program begins with a well-designed production model that takes each unique need of the program into consideration. The management and control of this portion of the marketing or brand operations can materially impact go-to-market effectiveness, just as the optimal use of spend can create business value and competitive advantage. “Proper alignment of production methodology with project needs is the single most important thing you need to […]
Nov28th, 2016

5 Technologies of the Printing Trade: Short-Run Digital Special Effects

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With the ever-evolving need for personalization in printing, companies are faced with the responsibility of producing shorter, tailor-made print runs without sacrificing the affordability and customization of large volume runs. Can you have both? Personalization AND customization in a short print run? At Dexter Solutions, we’re using five new technologies to digitally print special effects in short runs. So to answer your question, “Yes, you can have both!” 1. Raised Effects: Raised […]
Oct11th, 2016

Today’s Brands Demand More

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Jun24th, 2016

Choosing the Best of Must-Have Envelopes

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Whether you are sending out a new direct mail piece or issuing a bill or statement to your customers, you more than likely need an envelope to securely enclose that information. While the options are limitless in the varieties of envelopes that can get the job done, there’s no need to be overwhelmed – we’ve simplified the process with this handy reference guide. Start your path to selecting the best […]
Jun6th, 2016

Implementing & Enforcing Brand Standards

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Open communications, brand portal technology, and partner suppliers can ease transition and ongoing efforts Now that you’ve created new or refreshed your brand standards, you must implement, enforce, and reinforce those standards for successful branding. Managing the consistency of a brand across several touchpoints can be challenging within a single property, and the challenge can be exponentially compounded within franchised properties that have property-specific variables to data and content.

We are commonly […]
May25th, 2016

A brand (new) look

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Creating or refreshing your brand standards When creating or refreshing your brand standards, be prepared to do some soul-searching of your brand and its future. What is the first thing you want prospective and returning guests to think of when they see your name? Why should they choose your establishment? What do you like and dislike about your competitors’ look, and how can you differentiate your brand from theirs?

You’ll want to […]
May11th, 2016

Top 10 Design and Color Trends for 2016

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Vying for your customers’ attention with visually appealing messaging and branding is crucial to stand out in the competitive marketplace. Find guidance in our 2016 design and color trends, and be sure your creative partner has the abilities to create concepts that will look just as enticing off-screen on a tangible product as they do on-screen.