Our seasonal holidays are coming to a close, but for our overseas partners, holiday celebrations are only beginning. Every year our friends in China who work year round to produce amazing merchandise, take the month of February to celebrate the Chinese New Year. During this month long celebration, workers go home to visit their families and celebrate their long standing traditions. To allow for this, factories close from late January through February.
For those looking to order large quantities of custom merchandise, this could mean delays in production schedules both before and after the New Year holiday. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty we can do to support your branded merchandise needs!

What will be affected?
  • Large Quantity Orders: Generally, large orders are produced overseas since their factories can handle the high volume while maintaining low costs.
  • Highly Custom Items: Items that cannot be produced from pre-existing stock and must be made to exact specifications are produced overseas. If the item has custom dimensions or a unique build, it may be affected.

What will A S Hospitality Do?
  • Source Local: When Chinese factories close, we rely more heavily on our domestic partners for your branded merchandise needs.
  • Offer Alternatives: If your needs are specific to overseas production, we can still find you an interim solution until the your full order is available.
  • Stay in Contact: Our Chinese vendors may not be producing items for the month of February, but we are still able to coordinate with them. They still provide prices and logistic information to keep projects moving!

What can You Do?
  • Plan Accordingly: Planning your orders based on the timeline above can help determine how factory closures will affect your order.
  • Be Flexible: If you have an immediate need, consider smaller quantities of a domestic alternative until your overseas order can be produced.
  • Prep Your Order: Even if you’re large merchandise order can’t move to production immediately, we can still prepare as much as possible, so everything is ready when production begins. Need options sourced? We’re on it! Need lead times and prices? We have you covered! Want to see mockups? No problem! This way, you can select your preference and quantities, approve your artwork, and be ready to order.

Reference the Chart Above to Note the Dates of Chinese New Year Factory Closures.
We encourage you to plan your orders for the new year accordingly, and we will do everything in our power to keep your New Year on track!