It’s no secret that more companies than ever are investing in energy-efficient measures for more than one reason. Yes, green business initiatives are important but not only that, businesses are viewing energy efficiency as a smart operational practice too. In early 2016, Dexter Solutions invited two energy companies to perform independent audits of the current lighting configuration and associated electrical usage for our entire Memphis facility.

“We continually look at opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint along with streamlined business efforts that result in a better partnership with our customers.”
– Mark Ploucha, VP, Product & Service Delivery

After research and deliberation, the Dexter team has landed on an energy-saving proposal that immediately reduced the annual kilowatt hour usage by 53% resulting in maintenance and operating savings of over $48,000 per year. All of those savings plus the calculated impact associated with reduced greenhouse gas emissions. By making the environmentally friendly decision to switch our lighting system to LED, Dexter Solutions is projected to produce 273,822 less greenhouse gases than last year.

What does that number actually mean? A great comparison is this: producing 273,822 less greenhouse gases a year is like using 30,812 less gallons of gasoline. The average American uses 524 gallons of gas per year per vehicle. Essentially, Dexter Solutions using less greenhouse gases is the equivalent of taking 59 cars off the road every year!

Taking this step in 2016 and looking forward to 2017, we’re most excited about these 10 benefits of converting our Memphis facility to LED lighting as shared with us by Lion Lux LED Energy Solutions:
  1. Long Operational Life Time
  2. Today’s Most Efficient Way of Lighting
  3. Ecologically friendly / Free of Toxic Chemicals
  4. Durable Quality
  5. Zero UV Emissions
  6. Design Flexibility
  7. Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures
  8. Specifically Located Light Dispersement
  9. Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching when Powered On
  10. Low-Voltage Power Supply Necessary
At Dexter Solutions, we recognize that environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social equity are inextricably linked and we are committed to a business model that promotes continuous advancements in the use of sustainable practices and resources in addition to enhancing the value offered to our customers.