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Jun24th, 2016

Choosing the Best of Must-Have Envelopes

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Whether you are sending out a new direct mail piece or issuing a bill or statement to your customers, you more than likely need an envelope to securely enclose that information. While the options are limitless in the varieties of envelopes that can get the job done, there’s no need to be overwhelmed – we’ve simplified the process with this handy reference guide. Start your path to selecting the best […]
Jun6th, 2016

Implementing & Enforcing Brand Standards

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Open communications, brand portal technology, and partner suppliers can ease transition and ongoing efforts Now that you’ve created new or refreshed your brand standards, you must implement, enforce, and reinforce those standards for successful branding. Managing the consistency of a brand across several touchpoints can be challenging within a single property, and the challenge can be exponentially compounded within franchised properties that have property-specific variables to data and content.

We are commonly […]