After decades of service to Dexter Solutions and our customers, John Weldy, Vice President of Finance, retired May 6, 2016.

Weldy began his career at MWM Dexter in 1979 as a staff accountant in the Aurora, Missouri office as an opportunity to use his accounting degree and stay in the Aurora area.

Over the years, Weldy’s dedication, hard-work, and leadership earned him several promotions until becoming the VP of Finance in 1997, and when MWM Dexter, A S Hospitality, Dexter Press, and Tailormade merged under a single brand in 2010, Weldy expanded his responsibilities for all of Dexter Solutions.

“Throughout his decades at Dexter, John has come to amass an amazing grasp of our business and our people,” said Dexter Solutions CEO Mark Zimmerman. “More than that, he is simply one of the finest people any one of us will ever meet. I have no doubt that the world would be a far better place with more of his kind roaming the planet.”

Weldy’s leadership and attention to detail has contributed to Dexter’s growth, positioning the company for further successes.

“A business has to be flexible and adaptive to maintain profitability and keep their stakeholders invested in the future,” Weldy said. “Our company has been able to do more than just survive – we’ve been able to grow in the number of services we provide, the number of locations we operate in, the number of employees we have, and more.”

Dexter’s future successes will be supported by new Chief Financial Officer Jon Mobley, who Weldy helped to recruit and train during the first half of 2016.

“The world and markets have been in a constant state of change, and that rate has accelerated over the last decade. To meet the challenge to remain adaptive and sustain growth and profitability, Dexter is growing into new markets and services, and Dexter’s finance leader needs to have a variety of skills outside of the traditional manufacturing focus,” Weldy said.

Weldy is planning for his own future now, away from Dexter for the first time in nearly four decades.

“A wise man stated, ‘Time, not money, is the real currency of our lives,’” Weldy said. “I intend to focus now on my family, friends and church. I have no regret; I have had the privilege to have spent the last 37 years working with the finest people anywhere,” he said.