At Dexter Solutions, our success is dependent on the successes of customers. As such, we deeply value our customer relationships as well as the relationships with our partners that help us to exceed our customers’ expectations. We recently recognized three of our strongest partners from 2015 for their contributions to our successes. Each was recognized for its ability to meet expectations, manage through challenges, open communication and innovation/improvement.

With each collaborative project, partners are scored based on the key categories of: turn, quality, price, effort, terms, communication and response. Input from all departments within Dexter Solutions is used in ranking the partners.

In 2015, we received superior service from: Mission Envelope, CMYK Printing and Graphics, and L&W Print Finishers. Partnering with these companies has allowed us to extend our capabilities and production schedules without sacrificing quality or value–and for that, we are grateful.

Dexter Solutions enjoys strong relationships with our customers because of our deep commitment to meeting the exacting demands of their brands – demands that become more complex each year. To sustain success and our commitment to exceeding our customers’ needs, we count on our partners to exhibit the same level of commitment and continuous improvement. We are delighted that Mission Envelope, CMYK Printing and Graphics, and L&W Print Finishers have placed their values and work ethic to parallel with our own, and we are thrilled to continue growing with them in 2016.