Joyce Gordon named 2015 Glen Rice Leadership Award recipient

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – When Dexter Solutions solidified the company’s values in 2013, the leadership team wanted to ensure those statements became more than decor hanging on a wall – they wanted the employees and teams at Dexter Solutions to embrace and act with the values in mind each and every day.

Vice President of Technology Ward McMillen with 2016 Glen Rice Leadership Award recipient Joyce Gordon.

Vice President of Technology Ward McMillen with 2016 Glen Rice Leadership Award recipient Joyce Gordon.

The Dexter Value Leaders Program began in March 2014 to cultivate a value-centric organization. As part of the program, employees exemplifying a particular value-trait are nominated by their peers each month. The 2015 theme was ‘customer champion,’ and this February, the Dexter Solutions leadership team awarded Joyce Gordon with the Glen Rice Leadership Award for her consistent and constant work for Dexter customers.

Gordon, a member of the web solutions services team, became the company’s first recipient of the Glen Rice Leadership Award. Gordon received the award for her attention and detail in solving a complicated font issue when updating a key customer’s brand portal.

“It took a few weeks to find the solution and do it right,” said Gordon, who started her career at Dexter Solutions in 1996, entering her current position as a brand portal technician in 2012. “You do go to bed thinking about it: If I did this, then maybe that will work, and you get up in the middle of the night to try it, and then go back to bed in defeat and lay up thinking about it some more.”

Gordon laughed, saying, “When we got it right, there was definitely a happy dance in this house!” adding that her son was home at the time and looked over at her with a strange look on his face.

For Gordon, the key here is the “we got it right.”

“I enjoy my team, and it takes us all – they deserve the award just as much as I do,” Gordon said. She said while she was “the one in the driver’s seat at the time” for this particular project, she had a team that was helping her read the map to success the whole way.

“The brand portal team as a whole is continuously striving to exceed customer expectations, and Joyce’s numerous technical skills coupled with her drive to make a positive experience for the customer makes her an integral part of our IT team and Dexter team,” said Ward McMillen, Dexter Solutions’ vice president of technology. “Generally working behind-the-scenes, we are thrilled that a member of the IT department was recognized for her intense customer focus and impact on customer satisfaction.”

The 2014 Value Leaders Program theme emphasized acting as a teacher to fellow team members. This year’s theme was sparked by a desire for all team members to see themselves as customer facing.

“We want Dexter team members to realize even if they aren’t working directly with customers, we are all doing something to help someone and are impacting that final customer-facing solution,” said Dexter Solutions Director of Human Resources Alicia Graham.

“This program has proven to be the strongest communication outlet for our values, keeping them alive and part of the culture in all our locations,” said Dexter Solutions CEO Mark Zimmerman. “Customers are our number one priority at Dexter, and in working to better serve them, we have created a culture that embraces teamwork, collaboration, and the improvement of processes. We are constantly seeking to evolve our service and skills, and this program keeps that front-and-center.”

The award is named after longtime employee Glen Rice, a valued Dexter team member for more than 30 years who unexpectedly passed away in October 2015.

“I cannot recall a single moment when Glen was not willing to do whatever it took for the team and for our customers, when he expressed anything other than true respect for all of his Dexter colleagues, or when he did not embrace an opportunity to learn and improve,” Zimmerman said. “We miss Glen every day, and the Glen Rice Leadership Award keeps Glen, his leadership, and his focus on the customer part of our Dexter team.”

To be recognized as a Dexter Value Leader, employees are nominated by co-workers who felt they met the program’s criteria; the Employee Committee then reviews nominations and chooses the monthly recipient while the Leadership Team selects the year’s top recipient.

Gordon was selected as the 2015 Glen Rice Leadership Award recipient because “she handled this project gracefully and worked non-stop in the heat of the battle,” Graham said.

“And Joyce exemplifies this intense focus on exceeding her customers’ expectations every day,” Graham added.

In her humble nature, Gordon said receiving the award was a true honor, though she wasn’t at all expecting it.

“I just felt like I was one of the hundreds of people who work here, just doing my job,” she said. “It is nice to see your work recognized by people you don’t see every day – it’s amazing that they know your name, what you do, and take the time to say it.”

While the Value Leaders Program incentivizes the customer-centric values and culture at Dexter Solutions, Gordon said it’s her own personal values and work ethic that keep her driven.

“It’s about doing your job, doing it well, and making the customer happy – that, and working together as a team to find success, is where I get excitement from,” Gordon said.