MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (October 6, 2011) –Tailormade announced today it has added Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified paper stocks to inventory. A leader in digital and traditional graphic communications services, the company has made FSC® certified stocks available to customers for some time; however, the addition of these stocks to inventory will make them available for all standard and custom printed products.

“By adding FSC® certified paper to inventory, we are not only extending our commitment to the environment, we are extending our commitment to the customer,” commented Vice President of Operations, Kerry Beaver. “This addition gives our client partners greater choices for their products when it comes to being environmentally conscientious. Customers can communicate their own commitment to the environment without any additional costs, which are common when purchasing certified or recycled stocks.”

Fully implemented the end of August, this addition has allowed the company to now be able to produce over 43% of the projects they produce in their Aurora, Missouri plant on FSC® certified stocks. By having this paper on hand, production schedules are not affected and customers do not experience a cost increase for these FSC® certified options.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Melissa Cole, is proud of her firm’s continued commitment to the environment. “As a leader in the industry, we recognize our responsibility to be stewards of a greener environment. We are proud to have instituted a company-wide program of environmental awareness. The addition of FSC® stocks to our inventory line-up augments our existing awareness program and positions us to better meet the environmental requirements of our clients while maintaining acceptable cycle times.”